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The Letters and Sounds Programme provides a list of words and phrases to match the phase of learning.

The first sets of words in Phase 2 are CVC words. It is suggested that the word is introduced, each letter is sounded, then the child(ren) form the words using magnetic tiles. By the end of phase 2 children should be able to find the letter given the sound, and when presented with a letter give the associated sound.

The word lists are presented for download one word per A4 sheet, both in standard text and in dotted form for handwriting practice.

Set 1
(s, a, t, p, i),
sat, sit, sip, tip, tap, sap
Download Standard, Handwriting

Set 2 (
s, a, t, p, i, n),
pin, pit, sit, sat, pat, pan
Download Standard, Handwriting

Set 3 -
p, t, d, m, s, o, a
pot, pod, pad, sad, mad, mat, pat
Download Standard, Handwriting

Set 4 -
c, t, n, m, p, a, o
cat, can, man, map, mop, cop, cap
Download Standard, Handwriting

Set 5 -
l, g, p, t, r, n, e, a
leg, peg, pet, pat, rat, ran, rag, lag
Download Standard, Handwriting

Set 6 -
r, n, b, t, h, m, s, d, i, u
run, bun, but, bit, hit, him, dim, din, sin, sun
Download Standard, Handwriting

Phase 2 Tricky words
Tricky words are introduced through the phases, these are common words that do not fit the rules and just have to be learnt. The tricky words in Phase 2 are
the to I go no
Download Standard, Handwriting

More Words
The programme says that the words presented below do not have to be totally before moving on. They are can be used as appropriate. The 26 words from the common 100 that form part of Phase 2 have been repeated below.

Download Standard, Handwriting

These words includes ‘ck’. It is suggested that it is taught that ‘ck’ together stands for the same sound as ‘c’ and ‘k’ separately – ck never comes at the beginning of a word, but often comes at the end or near the end.

The word list includes ‘pass’ if as pronounced in the North.

In these downloads double l, s, f and the ck are underlined as they represent one sound (phoneme).

The Letters and Sounds Programme provides sets of ‘captions’ (or phrases) to work with each set of words

Set 1
Download Standard, Handwriting

Set 2
Download Standard, Handwriting

Set 3
Download Standard, Handwriting

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